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Company history

Since 2018, HomeMD Housecall Services is a nurse practitioner owned company striving to care for others with integrity, fairness, diligence, and generosity while adding value to the healthcare system. We advocate and empower our patients, their families, and their caregivers to see more fluidly through what we feel is an otherwise broken system poorly equipped to handle the needs of geriatric patients with multiple chronic healthcare problems; doing what we say when we say we’ll do it to very best of our ability . . . that is the HomeMD difference.

We provide an entirely different level of home based primary and palliative care while empowering the support systems advocating for the healthcare interests of the elderly who struggle to leave their homes.

Born from the frustrations of a home healthcare nurse trying to collaborate w/ an array of very busy primary care providers who didn’t have the time to communicate about their patients, much less take take the nursing role seriously, a nurse sought out on his own to re-engineer geriatric care and homebound medicine from the ground up. He noted that physicians didn’t have the time to talk to him about their patients while the skilled home healthcare companies he worked for, and eventually ran, were plagued with beaurocracy and regulatory red tape, forcing him to spend more time on paperwork than on his patients. Imagining that he and his nursing peers could be much more effective if they had medical providers available to them who would provide them with the orders that they needed while taking their assessments and nursing judgement seriously, an idea was set loose that we at HomeMD believe will one day change geriatric care forever.

At HomeMD Housecall Services our medical providers see themselves as humble partners to skilled home health care companies, hospice companies, assisted living facility staff, private duty home healthcare staff, and the families of our patients. We believe that our prescription pads compose the easy part of what we do while the coordination of care behind the scenes through our growing army of RNs and medical assistants tackle the real challenges of providing care to the most vulnerable within our population.

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